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This section relates to privacy and data protection policy.
It provides registered members with useful information about the origin and usage of the browser’s database as well as their related rights when they use LINKHOSPI Website.
Besides this Member Privacy Policy, you must accept the “ Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use ” to be allowed to use Website.
This Member Privacy Policy may be changed by LINKHOSPI at will. Any change will take place with immediate effect. Therefore, LINKHOSPI invites all Members to read this page each time they visit the Website in order to learn about the latest Policy’s version.


The use of implies that all personal information are provided on a voluntary basis.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act 'Informatique et Libertés' of 6 January 1978, the file made of such data and the usage that may be done have been duly registered (No 1715905) with the competent French authority (CNIL).
With this registration, we commit ourselves to make a fair and lawful processing your data.

1.1. What information do we collect?

As the editor of LINKHOSPI Website, LINKHOTEL (SAS) collects information during the course of your registration or when you provide this information on your own initiative. In doing so, you agree to provide accurate data and to keep them updated.

The information we collect may include your personal data that are used to directly identify you or to make you identifiable.
For instance, when you create or reset your profile, you provide personal information such as your name, your company’s name, your password and your email address. Some information are mandatory and others are optional, as specified in the Profile’s data collection form with fields surrounded with a dark frame.
Each time you login to our website or call onto the Services we retain the right to record data such as URL, IP address, browser’s type and language as well as connection date and hour, and you expressly agree to that.

1.2. What are your data used for?

These data allow us to perform all operations relating to membership management, canvassing, development of sales statistics, management of requests for access rights, modification and cancellation.

1.3. Whom are we sharing your data with?

To the extent permitted by law, we retain the right to pass some of the data on to sub-contracting parties within the strict limits of the needs generated by your access to the Services. Each and every person who has access to your data thus agrees to ensure full data protection and privacy.
Other Members might also have access to some of your data, especially for identification and contact purposes.
Apart from that, LIKHOSPI’s staff has sole authority to access the whole of your data.

1.4. Data protection?

Being in charge of the processing of your personal information, we do our very best to protect your privacy during your visit of the Website.
The Web security is the result of a continuous work involving both technical and physical control measures that are implemented when we collect, process and transfer your data.

1.5. Data storage?

The personal data that are collected will not be stored beyond the period which is strictly necessary for the management of the business relation and your use of the website Services. Therefore, should you not use (login) your Profile, we agree to delete your data after 3 years from the end of the year when you last logged in.
However, we may be legally required to store data for evidence purposes – rights, contract – and their filing will be done in accordance with the French Commercial Code rules on the storage period for books and documents created during business activities, and the French Consumer Code on the storage of electronic contracts. For such operations, the storage period is 10 years.

1.6. What are your rights?

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 'Informatique et Libertés' of 6 January 1978, modified in 2004, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data we may hold about you except those data whose storage is required by law. You can exercise this right:

  •  Either by using our contact form available on the « Contact us  » section.
  • Or by sending us a letter at the following address:

SAS LINKHOTEL 25 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris, FRANCE

All requests must include the Member’s first name and name, as well as a copy of his(her) ID card.
We kindly remind you that you can modify or correct your personal data on your own by using the Profile management page.


2.1 What are cookies made for?

Subject to your choices, browsing on the Website may imply that a “cookie” is set in your computer.
A “cookie” is a file that records information relating to computer’s browsing on the Website (pages viewed, date and time of view, etc.); this information may then be used by the Website during your next visit.
The Cookies that we send allow us to:

  • Develop statistics and volumes on attendance and types of use for the different components of our Website,
  • Adapt our Website layout according to your computer’s display preferences,
  • Store information relating to any form you filled in on our Website,
  • Give you access to private and personal Website areas such as your Profile, thanks to the username and password or data that you may have given us,
  • Implement security measures; it happens for instance when you are requested to login again to access a content or service after a certain period of time.
2.2 Members options regarding cookie

When you access the Website for the first time, you will be informed of the use of cookies and your right to refuse the use of cookies.
If you refuse to have cookies set in your computer, or if you delete some of the cookies that have already been stored, you will no longer be able to enjoy some of the functions that are still necessary to browse through certain Website pages; you may even no longer be able to use the Website.

2.3 2.3 Cookie settings

You may block the storage of cookies in your computer or in whatever device by changing your browser’s settings according to instructions provided by your Internet or whatever device provider.

By not blocking the storage of cookies via above settings, you agree to their use on the Website.
These data are stored in the Member’s computer for a period of 30 days from the date of first login.

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